We have the close connections with English institutions and universities in UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia and have been continuously accredited by Chinese government. We are regularly inspected by the British Council, NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) as well as Independent Schools Inspectorates. We are also organisation members of TEFL, TCSOL and TESOL.

Organisation Profile

Wisdombright Education Group was established in 2015. All members of management team are holding degrees (MSc or MA above) from prestigious UK universities (QS Worldwide Top 100), such as Imperial College, UCL, the University of Warwick,the University of Glasgow, the University of Bristol and the University of Nottingham. Most of them have very rich experience in both education practice and quality management. They used to serve or are working in Chinese and UK Universities having superiority in research and practice of language teaching and learning, such as Shanghai International Studies University, East China Normal University, South China Normal University and University College London. In initial establishment of the group, LeadingYou program has been successfully promoted into the market and well expanded in language training sector.

In 2017, Wisdombright officially registered as an Education Professional Service Provider in New Zealand and linked China and New Zealand together in building Global Citizens of the 21st century!

Organisation Social Responsibility

Wisdombright Education Group keeps donating generously to charities and has been committed to getting staff and students involved in raising funds and awareness of social sustainability. We have prompted it in four main areas:

• Environmental Sustainability: Reducing, reusing and recycling.

• Sustainability Education: We involve sustainability topics in our courses as well as raising awareness of environmental and social issues among our student groups.

• Creating a sustainable society: We encourage all of our stakeholders to consider sustainability in all areas of their lives.

• Promoting global citizenship education: We are in strivings to raise a generation of problem solvers, capable of tackling the world’s most pressing issues – environmental preservation, hunger, and poverty, for instance. Inciting students to critically think about the world, its multitude of cultures, and large-scale social problems with their solutions.

Why choose us?

• Affordable fees to meet your unique demand

• All our teachers are qualified native English speakers or certified and experienced Chinese teachers

• All our management staff are from academic organisations including universities and intermediate schools with rich experience

• All our teaching assistant are professional qualifications holders who can speak both English and Chinese

• The mechanism of Individual Progress Reports (IPR) to monitor your language learning process

• Government approved organisation in China and NZ

• Great location in Shanghai - International City in China, in Auckland – Heart of NZ Business and Education

• Rich resources globally in education

• Friendly and devoted staff to help you

• A range of courses for you to choose

• Students around the world with the opportunity of sharing multi-culture

• Great Curriculum and Innovative Methods in learning English or Chinese

Individual Progress Reports (IPR)

We have IPR system for you and our staff to be able to track the progress that you have made during your studies at the our school. These reports are practical, quantifiable and tailored to the specific learning objectives you identified in your pre-course questionnnaire and disucssion with our learning consultant.

All reports include:

♦ Our assessment result of your competence prior to the course

♦ Our assessment result of your competence after joining the course

♦ The Confidence in using English (or Chinese)

♦ Your tutor's recommendations for further study

The end of our course IPR shows the progress you have made key communication skills areas, for example reading English (or Chinese), writing and speaking English (or Chinese), etc. The report also measures how your confidence in speaking and using English (or Chinese) has increased throughout the course.