Who are the courses for?

The courses are designed for the students who want to improve their English language skills and familiarize themselves with studying at university in English environment.

This includes:

1.Students who wish to prepare for university study abroad and have met their English language requirement for their main course;

2.Students who do not meet the English language entry requirements for their chosen foundation, undergraduate, pre-masters or postgraduate course;

3.Students joining an exchange programme ;

4.Students planning to study at any English-speaking university.

Our courses will

1.Develop your academic English language skills so that you become more confident in the use of English and can participate fully on your chosen university programme;

2.Develop the study skills you’re required at university;

3.Develop your self-study skills required at foreign universities;

4.Introduce you to the academic field in English and settle you into the English-learning environment and meet other students.

Academic English

Our academic English courses are taught by teachers who are specialised in English for Academic Purposes. This means students have all the support they need to plan their pathway to university under one roof.

Academic Writing and Speaking

This is an academic English course for those students preparing for university study in English-speaking countries or in full English environment. If you are planning to go to university in the UK or another English-speaking country, the required IELTS/TOFEL level is a start but this is not enough to be able to excel in your degree. You will benefit from studying academic English and developing your study skills so that you will be successful in your university programme from the very beginning day. The course mainly focuses on the key skills that students need at university such as doing academic research, making group presentations, writing post work essays and critical analysis.

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Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

Assessed project-based approach

On the Academic Writing and Speaking Course you will end with the completion of an essay individually and a presentation as part of a team. For the essay you will be given a title and helped by your tutor to start your research. You will be expected to complete a draft essay, which your tutor will give you extensive feedback on (such as essay structure, context). You will then use this feedback to produce your final essay by the end of the course. This essay will be assessed and you will be given a final grade with relevant comments. For your presentation, you will work with other students to research and prepare a final 20-minute presentation on a topic given to you by your tutor. This presentation will be assessed and you will receive written feedback with your final report.