What is Cross-Cultural Study?

The world is increasingly global. We think of the globe as a country. The idea "global village" is a reality. In contemporary world, cross-cultural skills and communication are vital tools in ensuring effective living practices and the success in international environment.

Skills of Cross-cultural Study.

1.International Communication Skills – It’s going to help you to collaborate more effectively with others anywhere in the world

2.Inter-cultural Skills – Involve you in the cultures you collaborate with

3.International Leadership – Develop your cross-cultural management skills and help you to lead more effectively across the globe

Language and Culture Tour

Learning a language is a social activity. Children need to use a language to see the power that communicating in that language gives them. Having lunch at a Chinese restaurant, exploring a Chinese supermarket, visiting a Chinese school, or participating in a local Chinese culture event will lead you to a place where you can encounter people who speak Chinese and where your child can use the language naturally. “It opened the door to a fascinating new world of strange people eating even stranger food and a culture that could not have been more different to mine. However, after a while it became apparent to me that it would not really be possible for me to understand much about China without being able to speak Mandarin.”

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Learning Abroad (Global Partnership) - Summer/Winter Campus, Camping, Seminars for Youngs

We hold a series of seminars as well as summer/winter campuses all over the world, mainly in China, United Kingdom, United States of America and New Zealand. It’s the pre-couse opportunity for students to not only improve their language skills but make friends from different countries. With the precious experience, you can be granted with accredited Certificate or Diploma as well.

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Language Consultancy for Business

We can build a customised corporate English training solution for your organisation based on your goals and unique requirements. We offer reliability that comes with extensive experience in English training for renowned international organisations.

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